Reserved IDs & Fraudulent Messages

A Reserved ID is a word that cannot be used as a Sender ID or may not be contained in a message, such as the name of a telecommunication company like MTN and some commercial/corporate and government entities – it is “reserved from use”. They are regarded to as SPAM words.

We have zero tolerance for fraudulent or scam-related activities. If dectected in any of your messages, your message may not be delivered, your account may be blocked and you will forfeit any unused sms credits. Moreover, your contact information may be provided to the appropriate agencies for further investigation.

Some Reserved IDs

In line with our terms and anti-scam/spam policy, the following words or combination of words are not allowed on platform, which may mean that delivery of messages containing such words may fail.

    • congratulations, c0ngratulati0ns, c0ngratulations, congratulati0ns, congrats, congrat, c0grats,c0grat
    • win, won, w0n, winning, winner, reward, lottery, prize, price
    • pr0m0, promo, pr0mo, prom0, hurray
    • cheque
    • activate, deactivate,
    • die, 666
    • cot, c0t, c.0.t, c.o.t., c.o.t
    • nokia, samsung, tecno,
    • moneygram, western union, paypal, mastercard, visa, visacard, visa card
    • mtn, mtnn, glo, globacom, gl0, gl0bacom, airtel, etisalat, 9mobile, visafone, multilinks,
    • bvn, bank, cbn, gtb, gtbank, gt bank, access, accessbank, access bank, wema, wema bank, springbank, ecobank, uniobank, unionbank, unitybank, unitybank, wemabank, skyebank, skybank, skybank, springbank, oceanicbank, gens, UBA, sterling
    • microsoft, unesco, unicef, nnpc, nokia-corp, qatar-air, servicom, spdc, sss
  • and other related words that may show impersonation.

If any of these words is found in your Sender ID or message, the message may be blocked and not delivered, and that may lead to the suspension of your account. If you have any problem with the use of any reserved word or you are representing one of the listed or other entities, please feel free to contact us to register your Sender ID.