What is DND Service?

DND means Do Not Disturb. Activation of DND service is an initiative of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) issued in 2016 to save telecoms subscribers from unsolicited calls/SMS.

The Do-Not-Disturb service allows GSM subscribers to opt out of receiving (unsolicited and all) promotional messages for Third Party services (Bulk SMS, VAS promos and more) via SMS and IVR. This means that subscribers who have DND service activated on their lines will not — by default — receive Bulk SMS from any third party services including the SMS you send on OrgDS.org and other Bulk SMS providers, and this service is activated on the mobile phone numbers of some of intended recipients of bulk messages you want to send.

The Good News!

We have a Bulk SMS system that can auto filter mobile numbers on DND and deliver to both Non-DND and DND numbers depending on your choice of delivery while composing your message. That’s great! This makes it possible for your message to reach every intended recipient, although at an extra cost.

However when sending Bulk SMS, you may choose to send your message via Basic Route which will not deliver to numbers on DND or via Corporate Route which will deliver to DND numbers.

NB: Your message to numbers with DND activated may not be delivered with your predefined Sender ID — may be changed to a system-generated Sender ID so as to ensure that your message is delivered to every mobile phone.

You can help the situation

Yes, you can help by deactivating DND service on your mobile number and friends’ and families’ phone numbers, so as to be able to receive all important messages and notifications.

How to deactivate DND service on your mobile number

To check your DND status, send STATUS in a text message to 2442.

To deactivate/opt out of the service, you will need to SMS the word “ALLOW” to the short code 2442. Once this is done you will now receive all promotional messages. To opt-out is freefree. 

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